iHak Channel Intro - Video

Who are we? Just a group of gamers, legends in our own minds, that like to have fun. We put our best stuff here so we can enjoy it again and again. We hope you'll enjoy it too. Hit that thumbs up button pls.

Call of Duty BLOPS III: A Trailer Within

Watch some of the members of iHak begin the campaign.

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 - Thrills, Chills, and Knife Kills

Going beast mode with the knife in Black Ops 3.

Battlefield 4 - Reklamer's Resurgence

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Black Ops 3 - How To Shotgun

Learn how to shotgun in Black Ops 3 with iHak's Burt Maclin.

Rainbow Six: Siege - Getting Along

There are those who are fun to play with, and there are those who aren't. When playing with iHak, you should consider being the former.

Battlefield 4 - Reklamer's Regicide

A determined Reklamer seeks out his foe. (several times)

Rainbow Six: Siege - Hostage Rescue - Video

After several failed attempts at finding a mulitplayer match we decided to try out Terrorist Hunt, going full smash and grab on a hostage rescue. Here's the result. Thanks for watching. Hit the like button if you're so inclined.