Talos's two cents on today's steam stats / by iHak Gaming

So I was just checking out steam stats for the hell of it today to see what people were playing. Impressed Talos is impressed. On steam, the most played game at the moment is Dota 2 with over 1 million players, followed by CS:GO with 630k, and then TF2 76k. In comparison with some big title games iHak is accustomed to, CivV has 70k, GTAV 65k, ARK 61k, Garry's Mod 58k (holy shit right?), Fallout 4 52k, Skyrim 48k (wow, I'm not the only one who plays this anymore?), BLOPS3 26k (THERE'S DOUBLE THE PEOPLE PLAYING SKYRIM RIGHT NOW THAN BLOPS3), Terraria 24.9k (THERE'S AS MANY PEOPLE PLAYING TERRARIA AS BLOPS3!!!!!), then if I scroll much lower down the steam stats list R6 Siege 15k (SAME AMOUNT OF PEOPLE PLAYING BORDERLANDS 2!!!)

If we just look at Bethesda big titles:
52k Fallout4
48k The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim
4.6k Fallout New Vegas
4k The Elder Scrolls Online

Judging by everything in this list, game developers have to stop whatever it is they're doing now, and do things the way they used to. Not in terms of copying other games, but the process behind designing the games. Don't worry Pat, I know nothing of this game, but I can't imagine Fallout 4 being very different then the other fallout games in terms of mechanics and clearly people like that.

In comparison, from the same developer, they take a (in my opinion) fantastic and at it's time revolutionary game like Skyrim from The Elder Scrolls series that has always been innovative and beautiful, and they got greedy and lazy with it with Elder Scrolls Online and it's quite obviously gone to shit. In my opinion, with ESO they tried way too hard to be something they were not and definitely were not ready to become. I've always dreamed of playing coop or multiplayer Skyrim, but I still play it today because the game doesn't NEED that multiplayer aspect.

I get so immersed in the gameplay and the game offers me so many opportunities to change the way I choose to do things from one playthough to another that with every character I build myself this awesome story behind each of my characters. There was Fukushusha, the elderly but proud and vengeful Orc that traveled to the land of Skyrim to seek vengeance for his murdered family always charging head first into battle. There was Olivia, the heartless, black-widow Nordic woman who held no friendship or allegiance dear and who killed without a second though. This is a game for me that through every playthough writes its own epic story. From everything to character customization to the beautiful open world, this game is amazing.

My mind is blown by Garry's Mod being so popular. That game came out 10 years ago guys. It does what it does well. It doesn't try to be anything other than it's self, and people like it for exactly that. I personally never got engrossed in it, but when I played it, I know I had fun. By this list, I think it's safe to say it's the most popular sandbox game in the last 10 years as well as today. That's crazy guys.

Here's the link to the stats page: http://store.steampowered.com/stats/ . Did some of those numbers blow your minds too? What are your thoughts about these stats and games now-a-days?