Sad news from the Ark / by Jeremy King

It is with a heavy heart and watery eyes I bring the following news. During a recent resource gathering excursion our party was attacked by two mid-level raptors, a scorpion, and a level 108 Alpha Raptor. Our troops fought valiantly to protect our lives and the lives of their comrades but couldn't overcome the buffs provided by the Alpha Raptor to the enemy troops. Several long time and key members of Tribe Called Quest's roster have fallen in the line of duty. I would like to recognize the following brave dinos: Rex Maclin, Yarpie v3?, Truckasaurus, Stompy, It's A Bird, and Kate. Also felled during the battle were the newest members of the tribe RappyTheRapper (a level 9 Raptor) and White She-Devil (A level 13 rare albino T-Rex). The human members of the tribe have fallen back (respawned) to the safety of the bunker to mourn. 

We will recover. We will rebuild. We will avenge your deaths across the lands both far and wide. 

RIP and our hearts dino friends.