Duke Nuke 'Em - Forever? / by Jeremy King

I decided to give the sequel to Duke Nuke 'Em a try. I waited a little over 1400 days (about 4 years) to give er a go. Actually on a side note I came pretty close to the release date (may 3rd 2011). Anyway, I played the first hour and despite it being WAAAY over the top (usually not my liking) I actually enjoyed it. Although I kept thinking about GTAV so I stopped to play that. I'll play some more a report back. So far it's actually kind of fun. It's a little slow to start. I'm just playing on medium difficulty which isn't very challenging. I haven't died yet (yay!). I do like all the references to the old game (opening sequence).  

Below a kid asked for my autograph. This is how I want to start signing for everything now.