The Return Of Gun Master / by Jeremy King

If you don't follow Battlefield then you won't know that the Gun Master game mode has made a return to Battlefield 4. I had actually forgotten about it as well until I noticed it in my server browser and decided to give it a shot. The premise is pretty simple; everybody starts with the same weapon and every two kills with that weapon and you move on to the next preset weapon until you reach the final weapon. DICE decided to let server owners set their own presets if they wish so you end up with some pretty interesting weapon progressions. One such progression was one call Troll mode. I'm a huge fan of trolling so I immediately knew I would like this preset and it didn't disappoint. 

The map we got to play this Troll mode on was Operation Lockers, which normally I detest but worked out perfectly for this mode. The starting weapon was the ballistic shield, then the Phantom bow, the Hawk 12G shotgun, lots of weapons I don't recall, and ending with the defib paddles. I decided well before the round started that it would be easy to get knife kills on people using ballistic shields so I went with a knife only round, to fulfill the calling of Troll mode. I obviously didn't win the round but I did end up getting the most knife kills and still ended the match with a positive score so I was happy. The anger with my methods on display in the chat contributed to my happiness. Overall I think any new mode is a welcome addition to a game that has been around for quite a while and has the possibility of getting stale and passed over for newer games. Happy to still be playing Battlefield. - King4ID