Magnum Opus: The Black on Black / by iHak Gaming

Start with the parts

Start with the parts

Everything made to perfection must contain all the right parts.

Here we see the full arrangement of the rig.

Blackwidow Ultimate keyboard (2014)
I really enjoy the feedback from this keyboard. I get the full satisfaction from when I slam down on the keys after trolling hard on youtube or the Facebooks.

H110i GT liquid cooling
I had to custom rig this to the case but it was well worth it. Low noise impact and even during max settings in BF4 or BLOPS III it keeps my cpu running cool. Around 30-35 degrees celsius. 

The power supply
is...powerful. Not much to say here. It's a power supply. Nothing ever exciting happens here. They're the goalie of the computer. They show up but no one cares. Sometimes if they don't (show up) no one even notices.

Continuing my asus mobo trends I beef up this rig with the mighty x99-a. Lots of slots. So many memory slots. Very clean looking board and comes with great software for controls (such as fan and cpu). It will make tweaking that much easier later on.

G.Skill Ripjaw (16gb)
You can never have too much ram. I think. Editing/rendering is so much smoother as I have now doubled my ram's memory in my old build.

i7 5820k
She runs so elegantly. No issues so far with this cpu. Runs everything so well. Will report later on OC. 

Everything loads super fast. This is a staple. 

Sleek and very cybernetic looking. I love the feel of this mouse. Easily changable dpi settings (compared to the 400 series) and it fits my hand so well.

GTX 970
I'm not running a monitor over 1080 so I didn't need to go further, but I am waiting for a price drop so I can sli this mother.

And of course my huge as fuck case. Which has plenty of room and looks so badass (see photos below)

Figuring out how to mod the case to fit the liquid cooler

Figuring out how to mod the case to fit the liquid cooler


Ahh...PC master race for the win!